Eliminating Limiting Beliefs in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step groups

- 36 Tips
for working the
12 Steps

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Helpful Links, But NOT Official 12 Step Sites

(Official 12 Step Sites)

  • Jaywalker - excellent resources, including a downloadable  4th Step Guide  (+ an inventory for groups) as well as his own "Big Book Twelve Step Guides" and a truly cool treatment of the Big Book's "Doctors Opinion." Plus the Carl Jung/Bill W letter -- a must! Highly recommended.

  • The Cult of Powerlessness - by an NA member in Australia, this salty essay is right on - so is the rest of the site, including the cartoons. Also a good collection of not-your typical recovery links. Highly recommended.
  • Alcoholism at About.com - Buddy T. does an outstanding job. Highly recommended.
  • Spiritual History and Roots of Early A.A. - Great reading for any 12 Stepper.
  • Alcohol and Drug Abuse - a solid overview of the problem and some surprisingly good links to books etc.
  • CyberSober - offers over 200,000 anonymous meetings with maps.
  • Find a Meeting - an extensive list of face-to-face meetings organized by state.
  • Something Fishy - from a reader, all about eating disorders.
  • Alcoholism Treatment Info - Solid Q&A's about alcoholism and addictions with descriptions about different kinds of treatment. You can also reach an AA member directly through these pages.
  • Sober 24 - Daily readings, chat, shopping etc.
  • Anonymous One - a ton of links to meetings and other 12 Step resources. Also in Espanol!
  • ACA & ACOA in Cyberspace - Unofficial but rich resources for co-dependents. 
  • Bart's Page - creative, fun and helpful. Check out his Resentment Chart - slow enough to cause one, but worth it if you're hurting.
  • Jews In Recovery - there's a ton of good information here for anyone. 
  • Gay/Lesbian Recovery - meeting lists around the country, some articles. 
  • Sobriety & Recovery Resources - huge list of links in a variety of categories.
  • The Big Book, chapter by chapter and with important areas singled out. Although there isn't a search engine here, if your browser allows it, a keyword search could be done.
  • Recoveries Anonymous - the emphasis here is on the positive side of recovery - great idea, some free stuff, some they charge for. 


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