12 Step Chuckling Even In Trader Joe’s Markets

12 Step FunI went to Trader Joe’s this morning to do my weekly grocery shopping. Among the items I bought were two bags of their wonderful organic popcorn.

As so often happens in that store I’d been laughing with the cashier and the guy bagging and when he picked up the two popcorn bags he said, “ah, a popcorn-aholic!”

I laughed and quipped, “yeah I want to start a meeting for those of us who are powerless over 12 Step groups.”

Suddenly there was lots of laughter – one person in line behind me giggled a bit, at least one in the customer service booth, plus the two clerks and maybe some others. It was a brief good time.

As I walked back to my car I thought about how far we’ve come. When Bill and Bob started A.A. almost by accident, alcoholism was shameful. People used to sneak to meetings. Families hid their alcoholic members and no one wanted to talk about it. I’ve always thought a good deal, not all, but a lot, of our tradition of anonymity came from fear and shame as well as the humility it talks about.

Today, of course, we have innumerable 12 Step Groups – seriously, does anyone know how many different 12 Step groups there are?

Wikipedia has a list they admit is incomplete. Other sites have other lists and it does seem as if there’s a new group forming every month or so at least.

Some groups start and fade over time; others grow strong and solid.

But what delighted me at the store was the genial and genuine understanding of addiction and 12 Step Programs.

Oh there may have been someone there who thought negative thoughts at us or who had little idea of what we were talking about, but most were clear on our conversation.

It also dawned on me as I drove off that no one had broken their own or anyone else’s anonymity.

Here we were poking a bit of fun with a deep current of compassion and understanding.

It hardly gets better than that.

Your turn: have you had similar experiences? Or perhaps something less happen in the public arena? We’d like to hear about it in comments.

Love, blessings and abundance,

Anne W. Powerfully Recovered



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