12 Steppers Benefit From Slowing Down, Even Stopping For The Present Moment

pause, just for a moment and get presentI don’t know about you, but if I’m not careful, my mind will spin out in a million different directions.

I often find myself  trying to solve problems I can’t like the state of the environment, worry about my old car, looking forward to an hour from now or tomorrow or next week and feeling guilty about something that happened yesterday, or half a lifetime ago.

That spinning out usually is anything but fun. Often it’s darn boring and it’s a poor place to get anything done from.

It also, at least for me, leads to confusion and often exhaustion at least on a mental basis.

Fortunately there’s a simple solution.

Stop and breathe

When I notice I’m spinning, or starting to be confused about what to do next, or finding I’m angry or out of sorts in one way or another, I can stop.

I can pause.

In in that moment of quiet take a deep breath and come back to the present moment.

It took me awhile to realize I don’t have to let my mind run wild. I can actually stop that chorus of voices, if only for a moment. But that moment, even if I have to repeat it several times, is usually enough to calm me and allow the still small voice within to guide me to what really should be next, which sometimes is taking another deep breath and pausing.

Sometimes I’ll say a brief prayer or ask for guidance. Sometimes I’ll just be with that moment of silence and allow it to refresh and recenter me.

Stopping and breathing consciously can happen anywhere – at my desk, while driving, even when talking with someone else.

It feels like a mini-meditation to me. Which makes sense.

Gets me back to the present moment

For the most part, the purpose of meditation is to slow us down and bring us to the present moment – the only moment there really is. When I ground myself in that ever-changing present moment I’m somehow able then to make better decisions about the future and use the past as a teaching rather than as a way to beat myself up.

And those stacked rocks?

Ah. Stacking a group of rocks one on top of the other takes a certain kind of concentration. It requires that we be mindful, truly mindful. It’s the same space an artist or writer or anyone practicing anything that requires attention to what’s happening right now gets into.

It is a sacred moment and we can enter it any time we wake up and choose to do so.

Your turn: Do you take time to pause when you find yourself spinning out? How do you calm your mind? Tell us about it in comments.

Love, blessings, and abundance,

Anne W. Powerfully Recovered

Image: AttributionShare Alike Some rights reserved by anitakhart

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