Books I used and that are listed in Powerfully Recovered!

In addition to my own experience, and the experience shared with me, I drew on the following books to complete and ground Powerfully Recovered!

By the way, many of these are affiliate links, meaning if you buy through the link I’ll make a commission on the sale.

Alcoholics Anonymous

The Big Book
– this is the true source of all 12 Step programs. A must for all 12 Steppers.

Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions

12 & 12 – textbook
to the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions – also a must if you’re serious.

As Bill Sees It

Selection of Bill W’s writings, source of quotes in Powerfully Recovered! Subject index. Hardcover – You can find it at any AA group or office and from many online bookstores.

A Reference Guide to the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

by Stewart C. An actual index or concordance to the Big Book. Great for research or just checking things out. Find at many
online bookstores

The Varieties of Religious Experience


by William James Deep, rich and important to the forming of 12 Step spirituality – worth the effort.

Many Roads, One Journey


Moving Beyond the Twelve Steps by Charlotte Davis Kasl A truly awe inspiring book which contributes much to 12 Step thinking. Not light reading, but perfect for dipping into and exploring. Kasel offers an alternative set of steps I find too long and complicated, but the rest of the book is wonderful. I strongly recommend this book! Online or special order or through a recovery bookstore.

How Alcoholics Anonymous Failed Me


by Marianne W. Gilliam An unhelpful whine.
Interesting if you’re doing research or want a way to avoid a 12 Step Program, but disappointing for many of us.

The Handbook of Nonsexist Writing

by Casey Miller and Kate Swift

Back in print! Yea!

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