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comment, talkI welcome comments – truly. I also welcome disagreement with me – well, that’s not quite true. It’s more accurate to say I’m willing to listen deeply to what you have to say, even when it reflects a view quite different from mine.

I’m really working to not only listen deeply, but to honor what you say, to honor your values without giving up my own values. It’s not easy. I talk a bit about this on another blog of mine, WhenGrandmotherSpeaks.com with a post called Honoring Those We Disagree With Without Giving Up Our Values

That said, you also need to know that:

I read all comments that aren’t automatically deleted (see below). I truly love comments and as far as I’m concerned what you write here is at least as important as what I write, maybe more so.

I delete spam. Automatic filters catch most of it and I work to catch the rest. That’s the main reason you have to have one approved comment here before approval is automatic.

I also love relevant links in your comments – although if you post more than three your post will be flagged for approval. What’s a relevant link? Well to any recovery resource or anything else I judge to be helpful or interesting.

Irrelevant links and comments run the risk of being deleted. We’re talking recovery here in all its forms. If you’re talking something else in your comment or link,  I’ll probably delete it. Although that doesn’t mean I’ll delete links to other methods of recovery.

I won’t tolerate abuse of me or other commenters.  Another way to say this is no snarking. You know what I mean. I’m willing to make the judgement call. If you disagree you can email me.

I will allow signatures in blogs. In fact, this blog is also set up with CommentLuv so if you’ve got a blog you can let your most recent post show up under your comments. Yes, I look at those to and if your post is totally inappropriate I may delete your comment, but that’s rare.

I’m a big free speech advocate. I’m also pretty hard to offend. I’d rather have a conversation than not. Commenting on this and other blogs should be interesting, informative, even fun. Sort of like gathering around the patio table with a bunch of friends. Or over coffee after a meeting. Except we may have people here who don’t like the 12 Steps or recovery programs. Which is just fine. I know there’s more than one way to let go of addictions.

As Darren Rowse said over at ProBlogger.net on his Comments Policy where I got the idea of an informal approach says, “be gracious.”

Love and blessings,

Anne W. Powerfully Recovered

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