Powerfully Recovered - the ebook

Powerfully Recovered - the

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The book will show you that:

    - the word 'recovered' is used at least 11 times in the Big Book, while 'recovering' only appears once or twice, and what that means to your own recovery.
    - the goal of the Program, of the 12 Steps is to return you to a full life, not leave you stuck in meetings forever.

    - the 12 Steps are designed to empower you, not leave you feeling powerless and hopeless forever.

Powerfully Recovered! explodes the myths of perpetual powerlessness and never-ending recovery that are often found within in the 12 Step movement.

Discover how each myth may effect you and what you can do about them, for yourself and others in order to experience the full freedom the Program promises.

Please understand me!

Each one is part of the foundation of my life. This book is NOT about changing the Steps or the 12 Step Program.

But there are some damaging myths that have grown up in the fellowship that leave many 12 Steppers struggling long after they've truly let go of their addiction.

Over and over again, in the fellowship, we're told we're perpetually powerless and that our recovery from out addiction, whatever it is, will be never-ending.

It doesn't have to be that way!

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