Eliminating Limiting Beliefs in the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12 Step groups.

- 36 Tips
for working the
12 Steps

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165 Tips to Help You Become and Stay Powerfully Recovered!

165 Tips for Working the 12 Steps

12 Step Tip Booklets
Get 165 Tips for Working the 12 Steps right now!  Only $5.95

Sometimes all you need is a single insight or angle or thought to make it all come together.

165 Tips for Working the 12 Steps is designed to help you shift your perspective just enough to gain the clarity you want, right now, on your computer ready for you to read and/or print. 

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Each tip is a distillation of real experience working the steps - the kind of information it can take years to discover.


"Concise and to the point!"  kp - California 

165 Tips for Working the 12 Steps

is, naturally, divided into 12 sections - one for each of the 12 Steps so it's easy to go directly to the tips you want in the moment. You'll have:

37 Tips for Working Steps 1, 2 & 3 
Tips to help you get started, like:  

  • Acceptance is what sets up the possibility for change.

  • Balance is definitely one of the outcomes of working the Steps.

  • Make a decision!


"I'm really delighted! The first time I read through this booklet, I found several tips that fit me perfectly-and the same thing has been true each time I read it again"  as - Iowa

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36 Tips for Working Steps 4 & 5
These Steps are where you begin to get to know yourself with ideas like:

  • If you're not aware of being angry, start with anything that's bothering you at the moment.

  •  Reading your inventory to someone you trust is really about getting honest with yourself and one other person.


"I recommend  165 Tips for Working the 12 Steps to each of my clients" ej - Substance Abuse Counselor

26 Steps for Working Steps 6 & 7
Here is where you come to understand trusting God, letting go and humility with tips like:

  • Don't get hung up on the phrase defects of character. It's just another way of describing the problems you found in your inventory.

  • Often, when you are truly willing to let go of a problem or defect, it seems to disappear all by itself.

  • Humility has nothing to do with humiliation.

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"Finally, a collection of information - tips - that really helped me understand the Steps" jh - FL

28 Tips for Working Steps 8 & 9
This is where we really start cleaning up our act. Take advantage of tips and ideas like: 

  • Owing money to people and institutions is another area to explore.

  • Note that the exception is about harm to others, not harm to you.


"Everyone I sponsor gets a copy of this booklet because it works!" sj - OR

41 Tips for Working Steps 10, 11, & 12
These 'maintenance'
Steps are what help us live truly well. Make sure you explore tips and inspirations like: 

  • This Step is simply a way to discover what's working and what's not.

  • On the other hand, there is real benefit to discipline.

  • Remember, it's hard to get worse at something we practice.  

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