What Will You Do For Fun?

What do I do for fun?I doubt if there’s a recovering addict that hasn’t at least thought “Geeze, how will I ever have fun again?”

Somehow we’ve associated fun with the drug or behavior we’ve become addicted to. It may even be part of our addiction.

And one truth is that I had a lot of fun with booze and enjoyed many of the cigarettes I finally let go of. I’ve heard much the same thing from many others.

It’s really not surprising we hardly know what to do with ourselves and our time when we begin recovery.

In the beginning of recovery

Usually at the start of our recovery much of the energy freed up letting go of our addiction is spent going to meetings. Then there’s the coffee klatches before and after. Many 12 Step groups also have parties, dances, talent shows and other get-togethers that provide some fun and in fact can get us started learning how to have fun without the substance and/or behavior.

Alcoholics and addicts are apt to tell each other just how horribly awkward they felt the first time they danced without their drug. Members of Debtors Anonymous report they were embarrassed if they had to write down their spending at a non-program event like eating out.

I suspect something similar occurs in every 12 Step program.

Some time makes it easier

Fortunately as we gain some time and some experience with the 12 Steps we begin to discover we can have fun on the natch. As our successful time increases we find we actually feel safe doing things that are not 12 Step related. Obviously, we want to stay out of slippery places, but with a little effort we discover there’s a whole world out there that has absolutely nothing to do with our addictions.

For example, fairly early on I discovered a folk music cafe where no alcohol was served. Later I took up sailing, eventually doing some serious blue water cruising.

Sometimes we have to work a bit to find out how to have fun all over again clean and sober. One approach is to remember the dreams we had before our addiction took over.

We often have to experiment to find out what fun really means to us. I like sailing and boats, others would much rather go to movies. Everyone is a bit different, fortunately.

As we test the waters with fun we begin to experience some of the freedom the 12 Steps promise us.

BTW, I wrote a pamphlet about fun for Hazelden.

How do you have fun now?

Love, blessings and abundance,

Anne W. Powerfully Recovered



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Timothy December 31, 2012 at 11:53 pm

We absolutely insist on enjoying life

annew January 1, 2013 at 12:22 am

Ah, yes… thanks for the reminder… was just singing to my cats… they seem okay with it and it’s fun for me.

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