Why I Qualify For Underearners Anonymous

under earning underearningI am a periodic underearner. I go through periods in my life when my writing pays well, I stop debting, get pretty much caught up and begin to live a comfortable life with reasonable income and expenses.

Debtors Anonymous helped me learn to keep track of my money and begin to ask, and get, what I’m worth. They do address underearning there, but I still fell off the backside and once again my earning plunged.

About that time Underearners Anonymous was founded and I helped start a group here in San Diego.

Early this week I discovered that I had not finished setting up the store on this site. That meant you couldn’t by the ebook version of Powerfully Recovered and you couldn’t buy the booklets I’ve written.

This is such a classic Underearner issue. We get a good start on something that’s probably profitable and we don’t finish it. It somehow goes right out of our mind. Or at least that’s what happened to me here on this site. When I changed it to a blog it meant redoing the store pages and somehow I never got it done.

Even worse I didn’t notice I hadn’t gotten it done.

Self-sabotage at it’s finest!

The Steps to the rescue

I love UA tools – I think I’ve found every single one helpful. But it wasn’t until I started working the Steps again in UA that I was able to discover I hadn’t completed the store here. In fact, it wasn’t until I was in the middle of a 4th Step.

And I can’t tell you exactly what happened, except I got more aware, more conscious of what I was doing and was finally able to see what was missing.

It’s taken about six and a half hours of work to get it all together – and now, with this post, I’ve gotten it done.

Do I expect to make a fortune with these ebooks? No, but I have re-opened a source of income for me, a source I had blocked. That’s part of what we underearners do.

Now you can get Powerfully Recovered! as an ebook and there are two pamphlets in the store that people like too. Just click here to take a look. And if you’d like a quality paperback edition of the book, you’ll find out how to buy that here.

Are there any other underearners out there? Have you ever shot yourself in the foot around money? Let’s talk it over in comments.

Love, blessings and abundance,

Anne W. Powerfully Recovered



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