Why It’s Called Practice

meditation practiceThe 12th Step tells us we should “… practice these principles…” Many spiritual traditions talk about “practice.’

This comes to mind because the last couple of days I’ve been really distracted in my meditation practice – see, there’s that word again.

These days, Zen meditation is my practice which is sitting meditation. I generally read something I find spiritual for maybe 20 minutes then sit for half an hour. I watch my breath as it flows in and out of my body.

Now Zen is also about examining the self. When it’s working well for me I’ll spend a few minutes watching my breath and then I’ll focus on some problem or something that’s come up in 10th Step work or even something that comes up while I’m sitting. Usually some insight or understanding will arise, maybe not the first half hour I sit, but eventually.

The weekend before last I participated in a meditation retreat. What came up for me in the strongest terms was my tendency to engage in wishful thinking, particularly around money issues.

I did a 4th and 5th Step on wishful thinking and am working on becoming willing to let it go – the 6th Step.

My hunch, as I write this, is that my restlessness in meditation, my distraction is either resistance to letting go of my wishful thinking or I left something out of my inventory. Leaving something out is where I can taste a bit of fear so I’ll accept that there’s more I need to find or reveal or work through with this wishful thinking business.

What you’re watching, actually, is me working through this.

Writing an inventory, discovering where I’m stuck is much easier now than it was when I first came into program. Meditation is also easier. I can vividly remember when it was impossible for me to sit more than two or three minutes.

It’s the practice of the program, the practice of the steps, the practice of mediation that makes my life easier at this point. Not problem free, but those problems don’t cause the chaos in my actions and in my thinking that they once did.

How do you practice the program?

Love, blessings and abundance,

Anne W. Powerfully Recovered

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